As hoteliers, you understand and believe communication is one of the founding components for customer satisfaction. We do too! Mosino’s foundation is built around communication. Whether it is to allows guests to speak to the hotel staff, each other or automatically send various requests to the right department, Mosino makes it easy to fulfill any and every request the guest has seamlessly and most importantly efficiently.

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    Mosino Digital Concierge module offers over dozens of services to ensure every need a guest has is met. Concierge services range from Room Service, Wake Up Calls, Valet, Housekeeping and more. Whether these are Mosino services or an integration with your existing service, rest assured, your guests will be happy. All services are accessible on all types of devices and form factors and the consistent design makes it natural for everyone to use.

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    Mosino’s issue tracking service is one of the best example of our commitment of building a communication channel. Imagine a guest sitting on the bed and suddenly the TV stops working. In Mosino world, the guest would pick up their mobile device, report the issue with one-click and then leave the room to go enjoy the beach with the family.

    Now, this request would create a new ticket that would be automatically sent to the right department, dispatched to the right staff currently working. Anyone who is available, would accept the ticket and complete it. Using our powerful collaboration tools, other staff members can help each other. Once the request is complete, an automatic message would be sent to the guest that their request is complete. Isn’t that simple and seamless.

    Now all department heads are able to use the analytics to measure the efficiency all requests, whether it is how long it takes the room service to be delivered, a TV to be fixed or valet car to arrive.

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    Mosino Room Service feature isn’t similar to what’s available from off-the-shelf products. Like with everything else in Mosino, we wanted to rethink the entire concept to deliver the best experience. That starts from ability to create customized menu, food restrictions and even tracking your order.

    Mosino Analytics provide a great insight for Food & Beverage managers to track the inventory, efficiency and trends to improve their service. Basically, everyone is a winner!


    Mosino Digital Signage module provides all the tools to allow any hotel to broadcast any type of content to any available screen. Signage module allows simple drag-and-drop to create playlist that can be assigned to single screens, location or even a group for specific targeting.

    Imagine, a new conference is going to take place in some part of the hotel. A single or multiple screens can be placed around the venue with very specific type of content that targets the conference attendees directly

    Signage module also offers various other options to broadcast messages such as Amber alerts to all screens or even an emergency message.

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    Push any type of content, whether it is a video, image an event detail or an RSS feed. Contents are automatically pushed to the appropriate screens and removed once they are no longer active. Use different areas of the screens to show different content to create a better awareness.

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    Scheduling is very important when it comes to Signage modules. We understand that and built it right in the core of the system. Assign playlists to different screens or schedule a specific content to appear on a certain day, certain time.

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    If your property has strict compliance rules about what content appears on the screen, this is simply why our Signage module allows any number of approvals to be required before the content is sent in the wild. Basically, at the time of assignment, anyone authorized can be added to the review process. Once all approvals are provided, the content is automatically dispatched to the screens.


    Mosino provides an ultimate reservation options to hotels and its guests. We believe in building one platform where all reservation options exist to give users a simple an efficient way to make all types of booking. Having all reservations under one software roof allows easy integrations, analytics and ease of use for hotel staff and guests.

    Mosino Itinerary option allows guests to keep track of all their booking in one place. No more printing of papers and sliding under the doors. Guests have all the info at their fingertips.

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    Mosino Restaurant Module allows food and beverage departments to take the dining experience to the next level. Tweak every little detail about your restaurants from booking schedule, to time slots, food restrictions or even booking restrictions for guests. Get real-time alerts are booking, seating to stay on top of all upcoming issues. Restaurant staff can even create floor with different sizes of tables plans to assign guests to the spot. It works great for big parties.

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    Mosino Spa module takes wellness at any hotel to great heights. Spa management can create strict schedules, timeslots, offer various services with greater flexibility. Spa package menu can provide guests with great insight of what services are offered. Spa attendants can view their schedule from any mobile device and even re-assign their customers to others if necessary without leaving their mobile phone.

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    Excursion module is revolutionary in its own right. It provides the flexibility for tour operators, hotels, excursion providers and guests. We remove the need for seat allocation to prevent loss of bookings for excursion providers. We integrate directly with all service providers to create an efficient ecosystem that provides transparency for everyone. No more 9-5 bookings, no more language barriers and certainly no more loss of revenue.

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    If your hotel offers various guests activities, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, beach volleyballs etc. Mosino activities module allow simpler and efficient option to keep track of all bookings and inventory. Activities staff can create booking restrictions for guests to prevent overbooking.

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    Golf is a very complex piece of activity and we are aware of it. Our module removes the complexity for guests but also for golf management to insure the guests can enjoy their game and the staff can focus on running the business. Golf module provides lot of features any hotel expects but also other features such as Smart Allocation of Tee Times to insure more revenue.

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    Mosino provides hotels a cost-effective solution that enhances guest experience. However, we also believe in creating new revenue options. Whether it is through extra bookings that normal get lost using traditional reservation engines or by cutting cost, Mosino system helps bring in more revenue. It doesn’t stop here. We also offer Video-On-Demand and Mobile Casino modules to enhance guest experience.

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    Mosino VOD module offers guests a large libraries of content which includes movies, TV shows, Stand-up comedies. The content range from various categories such as new release, classic, children and more. There is something for everyone. The best part: guests can take the entertainment with them anywhere on the property, whether is it watching a movie by the pool or on the beach.

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    Mosino Casino module is built on an industry standard, highly regulated and licensed technology. It offers many mobile games that range from slots, card, table and video. Hotels can offer the module strictly on the property or through the internet in which case appropriate licensing must exist.