Mosino Bedside terminal provides an ultimate solution for hospitals. From a large touch-screen monitor that’s optimized for seamless experience, to mobile games and app and doctor/staff access to patient information, it’s an all-in-one product that enhances patient and staff experience and provide a great new revenue source.

18.5 x 10 inch screen providers the best Real-estate for all services and entertainment options.

Fully integrated VOIP service provides the ultimate experience for all patients.

Touch-screen is optimized to provide a seamless experience.


Mosino TV provides a complete Smart TV solution for patients. Apart from providing access to all popular applications, Mosino TV gives hospitals a way to communicate more effectively with their patients with real-time messaging, alerts, emergency broadcast messaging and much more

Use any modern Television and turn it into a Smart TV. Pillow Speaker is also available

Manage all units from a centralized system with real-time notifications

Enable all modern apps such as Netflix, Youtube and much more

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    Mosino health provides various services to create a pleasant experience for all patients. Simple browsing experience makes it easier for patients to stay connected online.

    VOIP phone is integrated in the terminal, completely removing the need for the hospital to have another phone in the room, thus saving cost. Patients can read the news, play games while being on the phone

    IPTV module offers patients more than 30 HD channels right from the terminal. The channels are hand-picked to ensure there is something for everyone.

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    Hospitals have a great responsibility of providing health services to all patients. This keeps them pretty busy. We, at Mosino understand that and therefore provide a complete turn-key solution. We want to ensure the staff remain focus on their running the hospital instead of managing yet another service.

    Apart from enhancing patient experience, Mosino Health provides a great revenue options for the hospitals. All that with almost no management from the hospital. Mosino Health runs itself.

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    Mosino isn’t only built to enhance experience of patients but also the staff. We integrate with all existing healthcare services of the hospital to allow doctors/nurses to access their system via the bedside terminal. Whether it is to view patient records, charts, doctors use their existing systems which removes any need to learn a new system.

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    It is not easy for patients to remain on their beds for days sometimes so Mosino Health has the ultimate goal to keep patient entertainment with hours of gaming. We provide all the popular games such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and any new mobile games that is available on other mobile platforms.

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    Patients have access to all popular apps such as Skype, Hangout, Facebook, Netflix and many more. With skype, hangout, patients can remain in touch with their loved ones without the need of using new systems. Netflix and many other apps provide hours of entertainment to keep patients happy and make their stay slightly easy.